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bylaws & policies

Legal Responsibility of the BCDSS

Society Act
The BCDSS was incorporated as a provincial Society in 1989. Our responsibilities as a Society are outlined in the British Columbia Society Act and are enforced by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

The BCDSS must abide by its own Bylaws. Bylaws govern the procedure, duties and responsibilities of the Society, its directors and members. BCDSS members can request a copy of the Society's By-laws or you can download them here.
Bylaws (PDF Format)

The Constitution was written to define the values, purposes and goals of the Society as clearly as possible but in broad enough terms to allow for future developments. The Constitution was approved by the membership in 1991.

Constitution (PDF Format)

BCDSS Policy on the Discipline of Directors
BCDSS Director Discipline Policy (PDF Format)

BCDSS Harrassment Policy
BCDSS Harrassment Policy (PDF Format)

BCDSS Action Item Policy
BCDSS Action Item Policy (PDF Format)

BCDSS Computer Use Policy
BCDSS Computer Use Policy (PDF Format)

BCDSS Voting Format Rules
BCDSS Voting Format Rules (PDF Format)

BCDSS Tournament Sign-up Guidlines
BCDSS Tournament Sign-up Guidlines (PDF Format)

BCDSS Expense Reimbursement Policy
BCDSS Expense Reimbursement Policy (PDF Format)