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what we do

The BCDSS is dedicated to the promotion and development of disc sports in British Columbia, Canada. We became a provincially incorporated society in 1989.

The BCDSS consists of a main Board, an Ultimate Branch, and a Disc Golf Branch. The Board is responsible for general operations of the Society, as well as promoting disc sports not represented by the Branches. The Branches focus on an individual disc sport. For Ultimate, the BCDSS is recognized by CUPA (Canadian Ultimate Players Association) as the official governing body for Ultimate in British Columbia.

Promotion of disc sports takes many forms....

  • Fostering the development of new Ultimate leagues
  • Organizing Ultimate tournaments (e.g. Flower Bowl)
  • Sponsoring Ultimate skills clinics
  • Purchasing and loaning equipment for Ultimate events
  • Developing of Disc Golf courses
  • Organizing Disc Golf tournaments (e.g. Duck Golf Series)
  • Organizing Goaltimate tournaments
  • Funding newsletters like "Spin"
  • Maintaining a book and video library
  • Providing informational material to the Vancouver Public Library

The BCDSS is committed to fostering the development of current BCDSS members as well as expanding disc sports across the province.