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The BCDSS maintains a library of documents and videos to help support the development of the disc sports across the province. If you are interested in borrowing an item, send an email to The librarian will let you know how you can obtain the material you want (ie. if outside the Lower Mainland, the librarian will arrange for mailing and a deposit).

Print Material (Updated March 29, 2005)

Print11989Better Backs in 30 DaysFitnessHamilton, Dr. Hall
Print11975Frisbee: A practitioner's manual and definitive treatiseFrisbeeJohnson, Dr. S.
Print61977Frisbee By the MastersFrisbeeTips, Charles
Print11978Frisbee Players' HandbookFrisbeeDanna, Mark and Dan Poynter
Print11979Tricky Discs: Frisbee Saucer FlyingFrisbeeRoss R. Olney
Print11982Frisbie(sic): Beyond Catch and ThrowFrisbeeSimon, Craig
Print1?Goaltimate Instructional HandbookGoaltimate
Print11982Ultimate: Fundamentals of the SportUltimateKalb, Irv and Tom Kennedy
Print11989Ultimate: Preparation and FitnessUltimateMarfleet, Paul and Jackie Grant
Print11997World Ultimate Club Championships (Vancouver) ProgramUltimateWUCC
Print11999VUL Captain's Handbook: 1999UltimateVUL
Print12000VUL Captain's Handbook: 2000UltimateVUL
Print1?U.P.A. Rules: 9th EditionUltimateUPA
Print1?Fantasy League Ultimate: RulesUltimate
Print1?UPA Juniors Team Starter KitUltimateUPA
Print1?BCDSS Ultimate Skills Clinic WorkbookUltimateBCDSS
Print1VariousWFDF: The Official Rules of Flying Disc SportsUltimateWFDF
Print22000Teaching the BasicsUltimateBCDSS & Premier's Sport Program
Print12003Fundamentals of UltimateUltimateStudarus, James
Print12004Ultimate Techniques & TacticsUltimateParinella, James & Zaslow, Eric

Videos (Updated March 29, 2005)

VHS11985Disc Golf FinalsDisc GolfGame Footage
VHS1unknownWest Coast Disc Golf OpenDisc GolfGame Footage
VHS1unknownLearn to Play Disc Golf with John HouckDisc GolfInstructional
VHS11981Freestyle and KK, Vanier ParkFreestyleCompetition
VHS11984La Mirada, Semi-FinalsFreestyleCompetition
VHS11984Provincial Freestyle/GolfFreestyleCompetition
VHS11985Western Canadian FreestyleFreestyleCompetition
VHS11993Freestyle ManiaFreestyleCompetition
VHS11994US Open FreestyleFreestyleCompetition
VHS1unknownCalgary v. VancouverFreestyleCompetition
VHS11989Frisbee Disc VideoFreestyleInstructional
VHS1unknownGoaltimate Instructional VideoGoaltimateInstructional
VHS11989CNUC: Women's FinalUltimateCNUC
VHS11989CNUC: Men's & Women'sUltimateCNUC
VHS11992Boulder, Co.UltimateCNUC
VHS21993CNUC: Open Finals, Vertigogh v. P.P.WaxUltimateCNUC
VHS11993CNUC: Pool Play/Finals; Horizontelle v. GOOUltimateCNUC
VHS21993CNUC: Women's Finals, GOO v. Ottawa + Layout ContestUltimateCNUC
VHS11994CNUC: Open Finals, Vertigo v. WaxUltimateCNUC
VHS11994CNUC: Women's Finals, GOO v. OttawaUltimateCNUC
VHS11995CNUC: Open Finals, F.G. v. WaxUltimateCNUC
VHS11995CNUC: Womens' Finals, GOO v. Layout Sisters + Layout contestUltimateCNUC
VHS21999CNUC: Open Finals, Furious George v. Wax; Women's Finals: Prime v. StellaUltimateCNUC
VHS12000CNUC: HighlightsUltimateCNUC
VHS42000CNUC: Mixed Final - Roshambo vs. ChaosUltimateCNUC
VHS12000CNUC: Open Final - Furious George vs. InvictusUltimateCNUC
VHS42000CNUC: Women's Final - Prime vs. FloUltimateCNUC
VHS12001CNUC: Idle Hands vs. ChaosUltimateCNUC
DVD12001I Bleed Black (Documentary on UCSB's Black Tide)UltimateCollege
VHS11978Rose BowlUltimateCompetition
VHS11986Flowerbowl and Western CanadiansUltimateCompetition
VHS11987VUL: Fringe v. Turf BurnersUltimateCompetition
VHS11988Flowerbowl and Ho or BustUltimateCompetition
VHS11988Ho or BustUltimateCompetition
VHS11989Victoria UltimateUltimateCompetition
VHS11994Flowerbowl: Women's Finals, GOO v. VergeUltimateCompetition
VHS11995Flowerbowl: Open Semis (F.G./Vertigo v. Coho); Finals (F.G./Vert. v. Sockeye)UltimateCompetition
VHS1unknownVUL: Goldfish v. WhalersUltimateCompetition
VHS1unknownVUL: Lightning Fish v. Hard DriveUltimateCompetition
VHS1unknownVUL: Sallies v. SMUTUltimateCompetition
VHS1198?Ho or Bust - Seattle vs. PortlandUltimateCompetition
VHS11994Ultimate Skills VideoUltimateInstructional
VHS2unknownBCDSS: Layout and Skills ClinicUltimateInstructional
VHS1unknownBeyond the StackUltimateInstructional
VHS1unknownSpirit of the GameUltimateInstructional
VHS4unknownThe Ultimate ExperienceUltimateInstructional
VHS1unknownUPA Instructional TapeUltimateInstructional
VHS12001BC Provincial High School ChampionshipsUltimateJunior
VHS11993Report on Ultimate, CBC TelevisionUltimateMedia
VHS11989UPA: Open FinalsUltimateUPA
VHS11991UPA: Master's DivisionUltimateUPA
VHS21991UPA: Open DivisionUltimateUPA
VHS31991UPA: Women's - Maniacs v. Lady GodivaUltimateUPA
VHS12000UPA: Above & Beyond 2 - OpenUltimateUPA
VHS32000UPA: Open Final - Furious George vs. CondorsUltimateUPA
VHS12002UPA: Mixed Final - Donner Party vs. Hang TimeUltimateUPA
VHS12002UPA: Open Final - Furious George vs. Ring of FireUltimateUPA
VHS12002UPA: Women's Final - Lady Godiva vs. FuryUltimateUPA
DVD11999, 2000UPA: Above & Beyond, The DVD (1999 Open, 2000 Open & Women)UltimateUPA
DVD22003UPA: Stacked - 2003 UPA Club ChampionshipsUltimateUPA
DVD12004UPA: Airborne - 2004 UPA Club ChampionshipsUltimateUPA
DVD22004World Ultimate Championships 2004 DVDUltimateWUC
VHS11997World Ultimate Club Championships - Semis Furious George vs. SockeyeUltimateWUCC
VHS11992World Ultimate & Guts ChampionshipsUltimateWUGC
VHS1unknownIntroduction to UltimateUltimate Instructional

The Vancouver Public Library

The BCDSS has donated some copies of WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) rules, an instructional video (by the Ultimate Player's Association) and other pamphlets to the Downtown Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. The Library also has other titles available on disc sports.