Goaltimate is still pretty much a pick up event in Vancouver, I haven't seen anything posted anywhere about where you can find regular goalti action but that doesn't mean it isn't out there. If you are interested in playing some goalti, ask around, post something on the VUL forum or email Ryan Knowles, BCDSS goalti coordinator, at goaltimate@bcdss.bc.ca to rent out a kit and start your own fun.

Womens Goalti tends to be a bit more organized though. Eva Cham holds a Winter Goalti Series that gets women of all playing abilities out playing together. Eva's events are always very well-attended and fun. And she organizes these things all on her own! Here's a word from her about the last event:

We caught some great December weather this year for the 3rd annual Christmas womens goaltimate tournament.

You couldn't have asked for sunnier and drier conditions! We had a record turnout of 8 teams (that's about 43 players!) for this event - that's double from last year's attendance! This womens only tourney is the start of 2-3 off-season womens events that are run to give the Vancouver womens community a chance to play together in fun conditions with other women, and to expose beginner and intermediate players to the joys and benefits of playing single gender disc. It is an excellent way to meet newer and more experiened ultimate players, and a great opportunity to learn from some of Vancouver's best female stars. The December goaltimate event is a great way for beginner women to come out and get lots of frisbee touches and great practice in improving field sense and fundamentals of catching and throwing... The December Womens' Goaltimate tourney is usually a fundraiser for the Vancouver Community Food Bank, and I'm excited to report that this year we raised over $465 and 2 very large and heavy boxes of food! Stay tuned for the next event!