2005-6 Duck Golf

Players Meeting 9:30am, Tee Off 10:00am unless otherwise posted.
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Oct 21 2006
Jericho Hill
Vancouver (Abbie's Open)
Chris Collins
Nov 25 2006
Bowen Park
John Anthony
Dec 9 2006
Passive Park
James MacInnis
Dec 26 2006
Saltspring Island
Tanya VanGinkel
Jan 20 2007
Eco Resort
Kent McFadyen
Feb 17 2007
Campbell River
Campbell River
Dan Walker
March 17 2007
Mundy Park
Craig Sheather
April 21 2007
Rose Hill
Clint Anderson

Duck Golf 2006-2007

Series Format

The 2006-2007 Duck Golf Winter Series will consist of 8 events (see above schedule).  Each event will have the same entry fees and will follow the same payout table.  All tournaments use the latest edition of the PDGA rulebook.  However, since our events are seldom PDGA sanctioned, the inclusion of local rules are acceptable and they will be explicitly announced at the players' meeting prior to the start of the tournament.

Divisions and Entry Fees**

Each event will offer the following 11 divisions:

  1. Open  $35
  2. Advanced $25
  3. Amateur $20
  4. Open/Advanced Women $25
  5. Amateur Women $15
  6. Open Masters $30
  7. Open Grand Masters $25
  8. Advanced Masters $20
  9. *Novice Men $15
  10. *Novice Women $15
  11. *Junior $10

* No series points for these divisions.  This encourages players to move up to the Amateur divisions when their skills exceeds that of a true beginner.  This typically occurs after a few events.

**For all participants who are not members of the BCDSS there is a $5 non-member fee unless you are a first time player at your first tournament.

Where the money goes

Series Points and Prizes

Points will be awarded to the winners of each division (except Novice and Juniors) in each event (10 for first, 9 for second, etc.) In the case of ties (only playoffs for 1st place) the points are divided equally, i.e., if two people finish tied for 2nd they each receive (9+8)/2=8.5 points, if three tie for second they receive (9+8+7)/3=8 points, etc. This way the total number of points for each event is the same (=10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1).

Overall series winners for each division will be determined by the sum of the 4 best events for each player. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the series winners.


Click here for the Duck Golf Payout Table.

Tournament Director Information

Tournament directors may want to refer to the Tournament Director's GuideSignup forms for Duck Golf tournaments are also available.


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