Below are the best/average/worst scores for each division for each round of the 2009-2010 Duck Golf series. The images are large to avoid being cluttered. If your images appear fuzzy, it may be becuase you have 'automatic image resizing' turned on in internet explorer. You can turn it off in tools->options->advanced-> multimedia. Since it doesn't make sense to compare two scores shot from different teepads, like the round ratings, only those rounds where a division played from the same teepads as Pro Open will have data. Starting this year (2009-10) all scores will be used, regardless of teepads. Usually, but not always, Amateur divisions are playing different teepads so you should check the tournament data if comparing to pro divisions

To get the excel spreadsheet database of all duck golf events since the 2002-3 season click here. (right click to download)