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We provide Liability Insurance and Accident Insurance for leagues and tournaments at very competitive rates.

Most municipalities require you to have Liability Insurance before you can use their fields. Even if they don't, you should consider protecting yourself against lawsuits. If someone claims injury or damages as result of your activities, liability insurance will pay for legal costs as well as any costs awarded against you. Our current policy provides third-party and participant coverage for up to $2 million in damages.

Sports injuries can result in dental and medical expenses that may not be completely covered by MSP or your Extended Health plan at work. Our Accident Insurance policy will pay for some of these extra costs to help you more easily recover from an injury.

Complete details are listed on the SBC Insurance website.

Application Process

To secure insurance coverage for your league:

  1. Ensure that you are setup to gather information from all participants. We need contact details for all players in order for them to be covered (see step 5).
  2. Email your municipality's requirements to us: the amount of coverage needed (usually $2 million), who should be listed as 'named insured' (usually the city), plus the name, phone, and fax number for whoever needs the paperwork.
  3. Choose a payment option for BCDSS membership: $7.50/player or $75/team (where a team is up to 15 players), whichever is easiest for you.
  4. Mail a cheque for the appropriate amount to "BCDSS" - PO Box 29114, 1996 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Z0, or pay by Paypal. Note that processing may take up to a few weeks.
  5. Before play starts, send us a completed membership sheet.
  6. After play starts, send us contact details for any additional players. If you've chosen the per-player rate, you will need to make a payment for each new player. If you've chosen the per-team rate, you will need to make a payment if the total number of teams changes. The insurance policy is still valid if a non-member 'picks-up' for one day, but there are additional risks in this case -- contact us for more information.

Coverage for Tournaments

Our current tournament coverage is basic $2 Million Liability coverage. We offer it at the rate of $0.50/player/day. We do not take into account whether or not a player might be an existing BCDSS member or not. For the dollar figures involved, and the amount of manual labour required we have found that it simply is not worth the time and effort that our (and your) volunteers must go through in order to save a few bucks.

The following is the standard process to request insurance for your tournament (please allow as much lead time as possible):

  1. Determine the details of your tournament: date, expected number of teams, etc...
  2. Contact the Treasurer with the date(s), location (city/municipality), estimated number of players, any special circumstances which may apply (beer garden, or camping you explicitly want covered), and a mailing address to send the invoice to.
  3. You should receive confirmation of coverage within a couple of days (if you don't please follow up with the treasurer, and failing that the board).
  4. Once your coverage has been confirmed, download and send/fax the Certificate of Insurance (documents section below) to the relevant authority you are booking fields through. Note: if the city/municipality/district is already listed on the insurance, they probably already have a copy on file, and you should be able to refer them to the BCDSS policy. If you need a new city or other group added as a named insured to our policy, please ask the group what text they require, so that we can forward it to our insurance representative. This normally takes a week or so.
  5. In the event that something happens at your tournament, and someone does make a claim (sues), it is your responsibility as Tournament Director to be able to prove to the insurance company that the individual (being sued) was covered under the policy. We recommend that you require that captains supply rosters, and that you inform them that they become liable for any un-rostered players they allow to play during the tournament. This encourages everyone to take responsibility, and ensures that your butt is appropriately covered.
  6. Post tournament, hopefully uneventful, update the invoice based on the actual number of players who participated in the tournament ($0.50/player/day) and remit payment to the BCDSS: PO Box 29114, 1996 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC. V6J 1Z0.

If you have questions about tournament insurance please email the Treasurer for more info.

Insurance Documents

All documents below are in PDF format, if you have questions about the documents, please contact the treasurer

  • Certificate of Insurance (liability) - this will be what most municipalities/cities require you to supply when booking fields. Most of them will require that you have them listed as additional named insured. Note: even if your league/club is listed on this document, unless you have made arrangements to renew your members BCDSS memberships (May-April) you are not covered by this insurance. This certificate applies to both leagues/clubs as well as tournament insurance.
  • Sport Accident Policy - this outlines the conditions, payments, and coverage of our Sport Accident Policy. This does not apply to tournament insurance.
  • Physiotherapy Limit - this endorsement applies to the Sport Accident Insurance coverage include with basic BCDSS membership. This does not apply to tournament insurance (as Sport Accident Coverage is not included).
  • Athletic Accident Claim Form - this is the document that you would need to fill out if you were making a claim under our Sport Accident Policy. If you are making a claim, you will need to get in contact with the BCDSS, likely through the treasurer.
  • How to Control Your Insurance Costs by Redusing Slip-and-Fall Accidents - this document is likely of little interest, as it's not an area where we've seen problems in the past, but it was supplied by our insurance provider, so in case you're interested.
  • Terrorism Exclusion Endorsement - this document adds terrorism as something not covered by our insurance.
  • Disclosure Notice under the Financial Institutions Act - this is a standard disclosure providing you with more information about who our policies are actually with. It applies to all our policies.
  • Code of Consumer Rights and Responsibilities - this document contains more general information about your rights with respect to insurance.
  • Privacy Policy - our insurers privacy policy.

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